We are happy to have won the Best Retail Concept of the Year.

Our boutique and products are designed to bring forth the aspirations of the brand, to lead the brand into a new era of retail where experience forms the core of every retail interaction.

When we designed our boutiques, we went back to the basics of how we can help our Brand Ambassadors carry out their mission in making every single customer journey a personalised, enjoyable and memorable one. We were also cognizant that good design should be functional, memorable and yet intriguing.

With these design principles in mind, together with our brand ambassadors’ mission at heart, we went about designing our boutiques.

A common DNA runs through all our boutiques to promote a singular look and feel. We aim to create an experience for our customers that no matter which boutique they visit, there is a common theme that runs through The Shirt Bar. However, that DNA does not have to manifest in a cookie cutter manner where all our locations look exactly the same.

By having each location look similar and yet unique, this helps infuse a sense of discovery into the customers’ journey, enhancing their overall experience with the brand. Emblematic to the brand, we have a bar counter at every location, re-creating a ‘bar’ environment where customers feel comfortable hanging out and chatting with our brand ambassadors.

At The Shirt Bar, we are No Ordinary Bar.