We started our journey designing & producing for many leading international brands around the world.

For more than a decade, we observed an industry dominated and dictated by big fashion brands. We were frustrated that this sometimes led to the exploitation of both the supply chain and you, our customers. Cotton farmers and factory workers suffer from unsustainable practices. Some may not even earn a livable wage. Consumers have also suffered a loss of value due to the dominance of poor quality products brought about by the blind pursuit of cheap fashion, which has proven to be costlier for you.

Through our decades of experience in design & manufacturing, we have come to understand what true quality really is in menswear. Our work with top international brands have enabled us to distill the learnings of the industry, putting together a concept aimed at emulating the best in the industry and yet filling the existing gaps to better offer you what you truly desire – real value.

Believing that we must do our part to make a difference, this led to the birth of The Shirt Bar.


At its cradle, we set our sights at pushing the boundaries, striving to free up more value for you and other stakeholders in the industry. We choose to work with partners that pay a fair wage and strive to offer you more value for the price that you pay. We consistently challenge ourselves to craft products of superior quality and fit, whilst keeping them affordable for you.

As a menswear specialist, we offer a comprehensive collection ranging from classic formals to quirky casuals. We have specially engineered shirts with technologically advanced finishing and functions that will make your day more comfortable. For instance, our spill resist shirts allow you to wipe off any wine or liquids that spill onto your shirts – accidents are no longer embarrassing.

Our Story

The Shirt Bar

“At THE SHIRT BAR, We believe that style is an expression of one’s self – a message to the world about who you are and what you believe in. We all strive to leave our mark, to tell our story, and to showcase our identity.”

Our Story


To help accentuate the distinction of your personal style, we create designs imbued with interesting details, and produce these designs in limited quantities.

Challenging the industry norm, we believe that fashion should not be limited by seasons. We constantly introduce new designs throughout the season, offering you an ever refreshing selection to choose from.

The Shirt Bar promises to deliver high quality, comfortable fitting, unique products that empower you to feel nothing less than your best.

At The Shirt Bar, No Shirt Is An Ordinary Shirt.